What event industries does Silverback support?

Silverback are proud to be able to support such a wide range of event industries and sectors across the UK with offices based in Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh

We deliver a premium and professional event crew hire service you can trust. With over a decade of experience in event management, we’re here to provide all the support you need. Our team of qualified event professionals are passionate about delivering great results for our clients, and always looking for new ways to help make their events even more successful. 

Who we support 

No matter the size, length or kind of event you’re running, we’re the team to call when you need an extra pair of hands for any job. Some of the event industries we support include:

Corporate events 

We are the number one company for corporate event staffing. Our general crew will make sure your event runs seamlessly by providing capable support for all production managers and technical staff members on site; due to us having our own training program, every one of them arrives prepared with the ability as well attitude required!

Film and TV

Silverback’s crew have been providing efficient, reliable services to the film and TV sector for years, working with some of the best production companies including BBC, Sky Sports, ITN and Netflix. Our core values are trustworthiness, flexibility & professionalism which allows us to bring your vision into reality with ease!

Brand activation events 

Silverback crew understand that when a brand is showcasing themselves live there’s an immense responsibility to deliver. We will do everything in our power for you at every step of the process – from setting up pop stands or working with blue chip brands like Nike on large scale events delivering world class performances every time!

Live gig events 

Large scale events, festivals and ceremonies such as the Commonwealth Games and Tour de France require a lot of manpower for their production. Silverback’s wide range of skills has allowed us to provide live event crews on demand with up-to-date knowledge about all aspects of health & safety legislation which is why our clients know they can rely upon us at any time. 


Silverback’s commitment to the entertainment industry is proven by our long list of satisfied customers. Our team provides valuable assistance to warehouses nationwide, loading and unloading, as well as preparing equipment for storage during busy days when you’re otherwise occupied!


We at Silverback pride ourselves on the diversity of our clientele. Our retail crew have worked with a number prestigious brands and well-established department stores to help install or change their shops décor, often working closely alongside head operations officers/vice presidents with a friendly and approachable demeanour. 

So whatever event industry you’re in, we’ve got you covered. Please get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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