Tips for choosing the right venue for your corporate event

Tips for choosing the right venue for your corporate event

Got an upcoming corporate event but stuck on where to host it?

Whether it’s for a weekly conference, an awards evening, product launch or workshop, a venue can make or break an event’s success. You’ll want one that is best suited to your business, whilst creating a memorable experience for your employees and guests.

So, if you’re struggling to choose the right venue for your corporate event, here’s a few helpful tips on what to consider.

Location and accessibility

Event planning can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve figured out the budget, number of guests attending and spacing requirements, all there is left to do is focus on other important details like location.

A venue that is close to public transport with plenty of parking options nearby, information regarding directions and convenient signage (both indoor and outdoor), including accessibility to the nearest airport or hotel will ensure a smoother journey and stay for attendees.

Facilities and services

Next thing to consider when choosing the right venue for your corporate event is what kind of facilities and services it provides.

Do they offer dedicated staff and catering for food and beverages? Are there chairs, tables, and desks available in-house to accommodate the types of activities and theme of your event? Does the venue have modern audio-visual equipment for you to use?

Think about every single aspect required and contact the venue about specific services and amenities included in the venue hire price – who knows? It could save you a lot of money and time in the long-run!


Visiting the venue beforehand with an illustrated floor plan on hand is the best way to plan your corporate event effectively.

Not only does it give you a visual of each room or outlet of the venue’s premises (break rooms, presentation areas, cocktail bar etc.), but it also helps you to imagine the kind of vibe and look you’re going for. After all, a venue that reflects your brand’s ideals and image is going to spark interest and excitement for your audience.

For example, a bridal boutique might choose somewhere like a traditional countryside manor house to promote their latest gowns and dresses. This creates an emotional connection with potential brides-to-be and gives the boutique an opportunity to make partnerships with other related wedding businesses.

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