Our Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Crew moving stages toward house

Just as we come out of a long hard winder ready for the longer days of summer, we have all come up against something no one could have foreseen or planned for. Anyone working in the events industry will have been impacted significantly and will have seen either work cancelled, postponed or disrupted significantly.

Here at Silverback, we have found ourselves in the same position as everyone else where bookings have either been cancelled or postponed. Whilst we are secure in our position in the industry, due to the sustainable way we have built our business model over the years, that still doesn’t render up impervious to the wider impact this may have over the coming months.

Silverback has already implemented an action plan and have protocols on how we can respond in any number of situations. We have also taken this opportunity to invest further in our infrastructure, processes, training, IT systems, charity work and customer service. The events industry will come out the other side of this and we’ll be at our best when it does, to ensure our clients can continue to perform at their best.

Uncertainty is never easy but all we can say is try to stay calm, and don’t worry too much, and know that everyone else is in the same position. Silverback, our crew, our clients, the freelancers we work with, the transport communities, the venues are all connected within the industries network. I’m sure everyone is in the same position where a conversation may need to be had about cancellation terms etc. We will respect and honour our terms to our suppliers and staff, and hope the industry does the same as it is important now more than ever to stay strong through this period. We must remember it all flows upstream or downstream so let’s continue to treat each other in a manner we have come to expect over the years of working with one another.

We hope any impact has been minimal and it continues to stay that way in the coming weeks.

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