a rare breed of manpower

Meet the silverback crew

Adam Jones

Founder & Director

The beating heart of the Silverback business. Always driving the company forward and is dedicated to delivering the highest standards and service to our clients. Loves getting out on his motorbike and has a slight man crush on Steve McQueen.

Tracey Fawcett

Head of Finance

Tracey has been with Silverback since the very beginning and has been an integral part of our growth. It is important to surround yourself with people you can trust and depend on and Tracey delivers both of those in buckets. Tracey has Silverback’s best interest at heart and she knows Silverback appreciates everything she does and continues to do.

Michael Butt

Northwest Regional Manager

Michael always loves to make wise cracks and he has a relentless work ethic. Michael is a professional rugby league player signed to Swinton Lions and goes by the name of “The Welsh International”! Always the first in the office, always motivated to get the job done and is very much a team player.

Diane Horner

operations consultant

Diane has played an integral part of Silverback’s growth over the last few years. Always striving for process and progress. The difference Diane has made is felt throughout the company and has had a direct result in the service we deliver and the number of employees we now have.

James birss

National manager

One of the longest standing members of Silverback. James has over 15 years of experience within the events industry. Whilst being In charge of the Northwest region James has worked hard to watch the region grow whilst developing himself with ILM qualifications. Always calm and very much in control.

jason edmondstone

regional manager

Jason has been the manager of the London region since it opened and has worked relentlessly to ensure its growth. Jason always goes above and beyond to make sure a client’s needs are met. Both his professionalism and work ethic has been passed onto his management team and the crew.

jono carter

Business Development

Jono is a key person within the organisation. His priorities are to constantly develop the crew, develop client relationships and ensure the growth of Silverback in every way. Do not let Jono’s calm
approach fool you, he is like a swan that works hard underneath but seems to glide effortlessly.

craig brun

north-west crew trainer

Craig has been a devoted member of the Silverback team for over decade and knows the industry from top to bottom. Craig has the gift of the gab and is loved by both crew and clients. Known for his affable nature and no-nonsense approach. He is all about progress which is why he spends all his days educating and training crew. When he’s not training crew he trains under 10’s football, which he takes great pride in. A real people person and a Silverback through and through.

rhys clarke

Midlands Crew Co-Ordinator

Rhys joined Silverback as he wanted to push himself and turn a job he loves into a career he can
excel at. Rhys has a huge passion for rugby, from playing rugby, watching the sport or coaching local rugby teams. Rhys is another experienced guy that joined Silverback after spending many years within the industry and he is looking forward using all of his experience to benefit our Midlands team.

dylan theron

london crew coordinator

Dylan is fantastic addition to the London Office serving as ‘Crew Coordinator’ for the region. The relationships Dylan has built with the crew has made a significant difference to how our London region operates. Dylan comes from a background in Sound Engineering and is incredibly well organised, focused and approachable with everything he does. Dylan lis looking forward to his future with Silverback.

callum craig

Midlands Regional Manager

Callum has been working in the events industry for many years and the midlands team have benefited a great deal from his experience and expertise. Callum enjoys progress, he very competitive and gets a great deal of satisfaction for developing relationships with both clients and crew. As soon as Callum joined the team some large challenges presented themselves as the event industry so often does and Callum derives a great deal of pleasure from turning a challenge into a positive and fruitful situation.

jody lacon

finance and payroll

Jody is everybody’s best friend as she is the person that ensures you get paid correctly and on time. If a problem ever did present itself you wouldn’t know as Jody is particularly calm in pressure situations, collected and capable in her approach.

indy sagoo

London admin assistant

Indy has been nothing but amazing since he joined, creating fantastic relationships with clients, and ensuring all quotes are dealt with quickly and accurately. Indy enjoys his fitness and makes sure he keeps on top of his Karate, which he has been enjoying since he was 5 years old. Another passion of Indy’s is his music, where he relishes the opportunity to play music at the weekends as a part time DJ. Indy loves spending time with those close to him and quality time with his family. Indy is a pleasure to be around, and he has a smile that never wears thin.

connor owen

Northwest Crew Co-Ordinator

Connor has worked with Silverback for a long time and seized the opportunity to grow his career at Silverback in the Northwest team. Connor is an absolute gentleman who gives anything he is asked to do his full attention. Progress is what drives Connor, constantly asking what he can do to better himself and develop his skills. As part of Connor’s charming character, you will find Connor volunteering for “blood bikes” for the NHS as well as volunteering for Roughleys bike show, raising money for local charities.

douglas lamona

London crew coordinator

Los Angeles born and raised Doug is devoted to enhancing our London crew from technical skills to communication and ensures all jobs have the best crew booked on it. Doug is an outdoors man
through and through. He loves to scuba dive, play baseball, football, rugby and snowboarding. Keen to continue exploring Britain and Europe, we expect him to be putting in lots of holiday requests each year and when he isn’t busy playing sports or traveling, he’s busy going to gigs and playing chef at BBQ’s. He has a real lust for life, and we love having in the team.

ellie mcdonald

northwest admin assistant

Ellie has been nothing short of amazing since she joined our Northwest team. She is a natural and took to the events industry like a duck to water, bringing even organisation to the Northwest Office. Ellie relocated to Manchester, to take the role at Silverback. Ellie has been enjoying all the flavours Manchester has to offer, whilst going for meals, sampling restaurant’s and enjoying Manchester’s famous nightlife. But she still has a passion and finds time for a bit of painting and artwork in the evening.

lachlann boyd

Scotland Regional Manager

Lachlann Has been working with Silverback for some time now and wanted to further his career in the events industry by joining the team in our Scotland Office in Edinburgh. He is a keen motorcyclist and enjoys nothing more then riding along whilst listening to heavy metal….and what Aly doesn’t know is that he fills the office with metal, disturbing the tranquil office when he’s out on site or on annual leave. When he isn’t working or riding Lachlann loves a game of rugby and all the social antics that come with the sport. Thank you for joining the team Lachlann

laura mcgregor

finance assistant

Laura is mad….she is animal mad, holiday mad and Christmas mad!!! When your bridesmaid is a horse named lady and you adopt dogs for fun, then its fair to say you’re an animal lover. Laura is at her happiest walking all her dogs in the sun, whilst planning another trip to the Maldives with her husband. If Laura isn’t ensuring all invoices go out correctly, she is on Expedia.com!! She has a taste for banter but no comedy timing unfortunately! She has been a great addition to the team and is enjoying her time at Silverback.

A rare breed of manpower

Silverback Gorillas are an incredible species, with a name that conjures up a thoughts of strength, intelligence, family, rare and social. We are grateful to be able to borrow the Silverback name; it has done us well to say the least and we try to live up to the name. We are happy and proud to support WWF by adopting a Silverback Gorilla.

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Starting a new project?

Libby NolanEvents Operation Lead
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Thank you for all your help on the Lush showcase this year, we really appreciated all your hard work and effort on site. All of your guys were a pleasure to work with."
Ian ChandlerDirector
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No need to thank us for the payment, we are happy to do so. We are fully aware of the importance of our relationship and the service you provide, and we look forward to working with you again soon.
Louisa Timms Head of Operations
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Our team really enjoy working with your crew as they are always helpful, hardworking and positive - not to mention able to lift amazing weights!"
Justin Watts Head of Production Services
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Firstly, just wanted to say thanks for the guys, they were great. A special thank you to say Danny and Simon were FANTASTIC taking nothing away from the other crew, but those two were unbelievable.”
Janice Hazeldine Account Executive
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I am so pleased to have had your guys on site today. They were very professional, and no job was too big or too small. They only stopped occasionally when I asked them to, as I felt they must need a break/drink but if I didn’t ask, I think they would have just carried on…… They were fantastic and couldn’t have been more helpful.”
David WaineManaging Director
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Thank you for your assistance this week. Your guys are a credit to your business, every member of our team cannot speak highly enough of them.”
James KetteringhamHead of Creative Events
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This was a large job with many elements changing on a daily and hourly basis. The communication and flexibility from you and your crew has been exceptional.



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