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event crew

Our core service is supplying experienced, conscientious, and competent crew to the corporate arena. Our general crew are there to ensure your event runs seamlessly, by providing capable support to all production managers, technical staff and other members of your team.

Due to our in-house training, all crew arrive on site with the ability and attitude to deliver the service you need. Our event crew enjoy building relationships with our corporate clients and developing trust. Our many years operating in the event industry means we fully understand the needs of our clients and just as importantly, the crew know how to deliver and perform to meet those needs.

proud to support uk business

film and tv crew

Silverback is constantly providing crew to the Film and TV sector. This is an area of our business that continues to grow through word of mouth. There are certain disciplines you need in order to work in this sector and our crew are well versed in those disciplines; trust, flexibility and reliability are at the core.

Our level of service has led to collaborative relationships being formed with both national and international production companies, studios and channels. If you need crew on your production, photoshoot or set that is efficient, resourceful and diligent, then look no further.

proud to support uk business

brand activation

Our clients work on a global stage and have the highest standards when it comes to who they work with. Silverback crew help set up anything from local pop stands, UK wide roadshows to large scale and blue-chip brand activations that take place on a substantial scale. When a brand is showcasing themselves live there is a great deal of responsibility to deliver and we fully understand this and we are committed to ensuring your event is delivered as you wish.

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live gig and festival crew

Due to the solid infrastructure and strong reputation Silverback has, we are often asked to provide a crew to large scale events, festivals and ceremonies; such as Commonwealth Games, Tour de France, UEFA Cup finals, V Festival, Glastonbury and many others.

Our clients book with confidence as they know Silverback is constantly up to date with all aspects of Health and Safety and HR legislation. Silverback has an exemplary record of providing large amounts of crew that are mindful, certified and committed to ensuring your large event runs seamlessly and safely.

proud to support uk business

warehouse crew

Silverback has forged relationships with countless venues, AV and production companies nationwide over the years. One service we deliver that continues to be popular is providing crew to assist those clients with warehouses during particularly busy days or seasons.

Each client has a particular way of working when it comes to prepping and storing equipment and our crew are trusted to follow those directions as failure to do so may have a large financial cost. Our crew are there to help load, un-load, prep and store away your equipment on those days where your staff are busy elsewhere.

proud to support uk business

retail crew

We have the pleasure of working with a number of high street brands, and the Silverback crew are often used to help install or change a shops décor or display. The crew work closely with the head of Operations or dedicated VM’s for many large and well-established department stores as well as many prestigious brands.

Our crew arrive on-site with a friendly and approachable demeanour, instilling trust and the ability to work with shop staff and the general public. We fully grasp that whilst on-site or in your store, we are representing your brand and because of this firm understanding, we have developed long-lasting and collaborative relationships with those brands and our reputation in this sector continues to grow.

proud to support uk sport

live sports event crew

Our seasoned crew members are adept at navigating the unique challenges of live sports events, having worked with clients such as Sky Sports Box Office and The Commonwealth Games. From setting up complex AV requirements to managing the logistics of large, event-critical equipment. We work closely with event organisers and venues up and down the country to deliver a seamless end result.

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Frequently Asked questions

No there isn’t, we are able to meet your requirements with support from our neighbouring regional offices.

Yes they do. The crew know to be discreet on set and know to be attainable at all times.

We often work in 5 star hotels and high-end venues, so crew arrive in clean and professional uniform. When requested we ensure all tattoos are hidden, should the crew have them.

100%. If a crew member is booked as a skilled crew member they will absolutely be working with the other crew when they are not performing the skilled task.

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Libby NolanEvents Operation Lead
Read More
Thank you for all your help on the Lush showcase this year, we really appreciated all your hard work and effort on site. All of your guys were a pleasure to work with."
Ian ChandlerDirector
Read More
No need to thank us for the payment, we are happy to do so. We are fully aware of the importance of our relationship and the service you provide, and we look forward to working with you again soon.
Louisa Timms Head of Operations
Read More
Our team really enjoy working with your crew as they are always helpful, hardworking and positive - not to mention able to lift amazing weights!"
Justin Watts Head of Production Services
Read More
Firstly, just wanted to say thanks for the guys, they were great. A special thank you to say Danny and Simon were FANTASTIC taking nothing away from the other crew, but those two were unbelievable.”
Janice Hazeldine Account Executive
Read More
I am so pleased to have had your guys on site today. They were very professional, and no job was too big or too small. They only stopped occasionally when I asked them to, as I felt they must need a break/drink but if I didn’t ask, I think they would have just carried on…… They were fantastic and couldn’t have been more helpful.”
David WaineManaging Director
Read More
Thank you for your assistance this week. Your guys are a credit to your business, every member of our team cannot speak highly enough of them.”
James KetteringhamHead of Creative Events
Read More
This was a large job with many elements changing on a daily and hourly basis. The communication and flexibility from you and your crew has been exceptional.



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