How to organise a successful pop-up event

The pop-up industry has exploded over recent years as more retailers look for other ways to get their business noticed. According to RetailEXPO, 73% of UK shoppers would spend more time and money in stores that offer up experiences. 

Done correctly, pop-up events are a great opportunity to launch new products, gain customer feedback, generate excitement around your brand and make a memorable impression. But how do you ensure that your pop-up event is successful?

Here are some key things you need to keep in mind: 

Define your goals 

What do you want to achieve with this event? Are you looking to generate awareness for your brand? Drive sales? Build relationships with customers or partners? Once you know what your goals are, you can start to develop a plan that will help you achieve them.

Choose the right venue 

Choose a venue that reflects your brand identity and will fit the overall theme of your event. For example, if you’re selling luxury travel products a high-end hotel would be appropriate. Or, consider setting up booths in accessible, high-traffic areas like a retail park – after all, it’s where your audience is most likely to be! 

Staff your event properly 

In addition to a team of staff who are able to engage effectively with guests,  hiring an experienced event crew to help with set-up, takedown, and provide extra support when needed is crucial. For the LUSH Snow Fairy event, we supplied a number of competent crews to assemble pop-up stalls in popular shopping centres across the country, meeting the client’s expectation for consistency and quality throughout. 

Plan your logistics carefully 

Make sure you have a well-planned logistical operation in place to ensure the smooth running of your pop-up event. This includes requirements such as permits and licences beforehand. It is also important to consider factors like transportation and accommodation, security, accessibility, power and catering. 

Have the right props and equipment 

From tents and tables, to lighting, signage and audio-visual equipment, make sure you have everything you need for a successful pop-up event. It’s all about creating an immersive experience for your guests, so don’t be afraid to get creative. If you’re setting up a temporary bar, for example, consider using quirky furniture or decor to make it stand out.


One of the great things about pop-up events is that they provide an opportunity to partner with other businesses. If you’re working with a limited budget, teaming up with another brand can help you save on costs and tap into new audiences. For instance, if you’re promoting workout equipment, then offer a 20% discount for a gym membership at a local leisure centre. 

Create some buzz 

Pop-up events rely on generating excitement and buzz to be successful, so it’s important to start promoting the event well in advance. Send out press releases, hand out leaflets on the high street, post about it on social media – do whatever you can to get people talking! 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your pop-up event is a success. Good luck!

Bringing your pop-up to life

Finally, if you have numerous pop-ups around the country and need a quick, reliable solution for labour, then please give Silverback a call. We offer event crews who have ample experience working with small and large retailers such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, LUSH, Adidas and many more. When your team is spread too thin, then Silverback can bulk up and support you for a short period. 

Fill in the enquiry form on our website, or get in touch using one of the various office contact details for Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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