Events Are Back…

events are back

The events industry’s change in complexion from Autumn 2020 to 2021 has been amazingly different, and although change is very much welcome, it hasn’t come without strain and its own set of unique challenges.

As any event crew supplier can attest, the current demand has been so much greater than any crewing company can supply. This sudden increase in demand and change in circumstances has led to many crewing companies sending out a lesser version of what they supplied pre COVID.

It is easy to understand why. Every event company has experienced a level of struggle over previous months, and now every event company must rebuild and do their best to get back what was lost. However, short term gains now may result in long term losses.

This reactive approach may work for a short period but is unsustainable and will have a hugely negative effect on brand reputation and turnover in 2022. By sending out a solid crew team, that will represent your company in its best possible light at any given time, will reassure your client that you haven’t faltered. And although you may not be able to provide the event crew in the number required or at short notice, clients will know that they can rely on you for all future business. Integrity and effort go a long way.

There is a drought of experience at the moment in our industry and there is no short term solution. Routine crew training and valuing your staff is imperative. If you invest in your staff, have clear processes in place and develop trusting relationships, they are more likely to succeed as individuals and represent your company as you want them to. This is what will provide you and your clients with the best possible crew in preparation for 2022.

What has changed? Communication is often poor concerning bookings and organisation as the industry rushes back to an air of normality. All event organisers must plan and communicate with their suppliers as best they can. Booking last minute is unsustainable, and will often result in disappointment. Having to turn down work after the spell we just endured is not something anyone wants. Everyone is under a great deal of strain and we all want to be busy, rebuild and enjoy the incredible industry we have chosen to work in.

We still believe that despite all the technology and app’s there are out there, this is still very much a personable industry. This is why we believe in having Managers in place in all regions of operation, that can develop meaningful relationships with both crew and clients. This gives us a greater chance of understanding and ultimately meeting both crew and clients needs.

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