Post-Olympic blues? The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games are just around the corner

Bridge and canal in Birmingham

Suffering from post-Olympic blues? Not to fear! The good news is that there’s a whole host of sporting and cultural event action coming to Birmingham and the West Midlands with just 336 days to go!

The city of Birmingham is soon hosting the 2022 commonwealth games, with the action kicking off on Friday 28th July and August 8th 2022. With a bunch of sporting and cultural events taking place across the city, it’s safe to say this is something we can all look forward to after several challenging months for both the sporting and events industries.

Across a total of 27 sports, the UK will see a total of 286 sporting events take place in the heart of the country, with the Birmingham NEC and Alexander Stadium playing a pivotal role during the games. These incredible venues will play host to sporting events such as boxing, weightlifting and table tennis, as well as hosting athletes from an anticipated 72 countries.

The summer of 2022 is set to play an incredible part in what looks to be a year of much-needed celebration for the UK’s sporting and events industries. If you aren’t lucky enough to grab yourself some tickets you can be sure that Birmingham and the surrounding areas of the Midlands will be a hive of bustling events and things to do.

It’s safe to say we’re incredibly excited to see so much action hitting the region and we’ll certainly be looking to play our part. If you want to get involved in the Birmingham event and sporting industries, and you think you have what it takes to become a Silverback, get in touch with us here and start your journey toward an incredible career.

For more information on how you can get involved, the competition schedule and up-to-date news, visit the official site here.

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