6 ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to showcase your products or services, meet new potential customers, and network with other businesses in your industry. But with so many exhibitors vying for attention from attendees, how can you stand out from the crowd? At Silverback, our teams have the experience and tools to help build and set […]

How to plan the perfect Christmas party

The annual Christmas party is a time-honoured tradition. It’s a chance for employees and guests to let their hair down and celebrate the festive season. But for those tasked with planning the party, it can be a daunting prospect. Where do you start? What kind of budget do you need? How do you make sure […]

How to organise a successful pop-up event

The pop-up industry has exploded over recent years as more retailers look for other ways to get their business noticed. According to RetailEXPO, 73% of UK shoppers would spend more time and money in stores that offer up experiences.  Done correctly, pop-up events are a great opportunity to launch new products, gain customer feedback, generate […]

Hire Silverback’s spooktaculuar event crew this Halloween!

If you’re looking to add a touch of excitement to your Halloween event, why not hire an event crew?  Silverback is a leading event crew company with over 14 years experience in the industry. At the centre of everything we do is a team of highly dedicated, incredibly focused individuals who have exactly what it […]

Why effective communication is key to event success

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large scale event, effective communication is key to ensuring its success.  From the initial concept right the way through to implementation, every stage of the event planning process needs robust communication between clients, staff, suppliers, sponsors, entertainers and other professionals to coordinate all the different aspects of […]

Need a local event crew in Leeds?

If you’re in need of a local event crew in Leeds, Silverback has got you covered. We have a team of highly experienced and professional event crew members who are passionate about making your event a success.  As a result of our strong relationships with clients and influencers in the events industry, we’ve been able […]

The importance of hiring reliable event crew

Planning and running an event can be a challenge and there are multiple things to juggle at once. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is finding a reliable event crew company to help make everything come together.  This can have a massive impact on the overall success rate of your event, but […]

Need a local event crew in London?

Looking for a local event crew in London? Silverback UK is the perfect choice! Our event crewing company in London is made up of dedicated and passionate event professionals who are ready to help you make your event a success. Whether it’s setting up stages, rigging equipment or props – we’ve got the crew you […]

What event industries does Silverback support?

Silverback are proud to be able to support such a wide range of event industries and sectors across the UK with offices based in Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  We deliver a premium and professional event crew hire service you can trust. With over a decade of experience in event management, we’re here […]

Need a local event crew in Manchester?

Need a local event crew in Manchester to help with everything from set-up to breakdown? Silverback Events is the perfect choice! We’re a professional event crew company with over 10 years of experience in delivering top-notch event services to a wide range of businesses throughout the UK.  Since 2008, Silverback Events has evolved over the […]