7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Event Crew Work in 2024

Event crew member during football awards rigging

The events industry, an arena bustling with variety, presents a vibrant and dynamic career opportunity for individuals seeking a change. Famed for its diversity and excitement, it’s an industry where every day is different, offering exposure to a wide array of events such as concerts, conferences, sports events, and music festivals.

As we move into 2024, here are seven compelling reasons to consider a career in the event crewing industry.

1. Diversity of Events

One of the most attractive aspects of event crew work is the sheer variety of events you can be involved in. From high-profile concerts to corporate conferences, every day brings something new. This diversity not only keeps the job interesting but offers unique experiences not found in your everyday workplace. Whilst working at Silverback you will be assisting the set up of many live events, ranging from corporate events, brand activation, award ceremonies, sporting events, exhibitions and TV and Film. It is a truly rewarding industry to be a part of.

2. Skill Development

The event industry demands a host of skills – technical know-how, client-facing customer service, time management, and problem-solving, to name a few. Crew members wear multiple hats, providing an excellent platform to develop and hone a diverse skill set that is transferable to many other careers. With Silverback you will receive a complete training plan stating a clear avenue of progression, with regular performance reviews and opportunities for growth in the industry.

3. Play a Part in Live Events

There’s an undeniable thrill to being part of a live event. Whether it’s the energy of a concert crowd or the buzz of a successful corporate event, working in this field offers a level of excitement and satisfaction that is hard to find in other professions. Silverback’s crew has had the pleasure of taking part in a number of incredible events, such as the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Tour de France, UEFA Cup finals, V Festival, Glastonbury and many others.

4. Flexible Working Hours

For individuals seeking a departure from the conventional 9-to-5 work schedule, the flexible working hours in the events industry provide a varied schedule that can adapt to different lifestyles and preferences. For those balancing other commitments, such as family responsibilities, university studies, or personal projects, this flexibility allows them to tailor their work hours to fit their personal schedule.

Moreover, the non-routine nature of event work can be a refreshing change for those who find a regular office schedule monotonous. It keeps the work engaging and dynamic, as different events bring different challenges and experiences. 

5. Travel Opportunities

Many of our event crew travel up and down the country, supporting neighbouring offices to meet requirements. This can be a fantastic way to see new places, experience different cities, and meet new Silverback crew, all while getting paid. The opportunity to work in various locations breaks the monotony of being in the same environment every day. For some, this can lead to a more enriching work experience, offering a sense of adventure and the chance to explore the country.

6. Physical Fitness

Silverback’s are a rare breed of manpower. The physically demanding nature of event crew work may be particularly appealing to those who prefer an active workday over a sedentary office environment. You will be regularly loading and unloading trucks, setting up stages, working with audio visual equipment, often for long hours in challenging environments. This can be a welcome change for those who have previously experienced the mental and physical strains associated with desk jobs, offering a more balanced approach to well-being. For those who prefer a physically engaging job, event crew work offers a fantastic career opportunity.

7. Teamwork and Community

Working in the events sector involves collaboration with a diverse group of professionals, each contributing unique skills and perspectives to achieve a common goal. The smooth execution of any event depends on the teamwork of the entire crew. Crew members must coordinate closely, often under time constraints and high-pressure situations. Becoming a Silverback offers a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, fostering both professional growth and personal connections for years to come. 

Join Silverback Events Crew

2024 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the events industry, offering a unique blend of excitement, learning, and new experiences to all involved. It’s an ideal career path for those who thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments and enjoy being part of creating memorable experiences. Whether you’re starting out or looking for a career change. For more information on what it takes to become a member of the Silverback crew, get in touch with your local office here.

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Thank you for all your help on the Lush showcase this year, we really appreciated all your hard work and effort on site. All of your guys were a pleasure to work with."
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No need to thank us for the payment, we are happy to do so. We are fully aware of the importance of our relationship and the service you provide, and we look forward to working with you again soon.
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Our team really enjoy working with your crew as they are always helpful, hardworking and positive - not to mention able to lift amazing weights!"
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Firstly, just wanted to say thanks for the guys, they were great. A special thank you to say Danny and Simon were FANTASTIC taking nothing away from the other crew, but those two were unbelievable.”
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I am so pleased to have had your guys on site today. They were very professional, and no job was too big or too small. They only stopped occasionally when I asked them to, as I felt they must need a break/drink but if I didn’t ask, I think they would have just carried on…… They were fantastic and couldn’t have been more helpful.”
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Thank you for your assistance this week. Your guys are a credit to your business, every member of our team cannot speak highly enough of them.”
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This was a large job with many elements changing on a daily and hourly basis. The communication and flexibility from you and your crew has been exceptional.

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