6 ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to showcase your products or services, meet new potential customers, and network with other businesses in your industry. But with so many exhibitors vying for attention from attendees, how can you stand out from the crowd?

At Silverback, our teams have the experience and tools to help build and set up bespoke exhibition stands for a wide range of clients, providing capable support to events across the UK. With that in mind, here are 6 ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand:

Pre-show marketing 

Pre-show marketing is a great way to generate excitement about your exhibition stand before the event even begins. Try sending out email newsletters, creating social media posts, or even taking out ads in relevant trade publications. Make sure to include all the relevant details such as your stand number, what products or services you’ll be showcasing, and any special offers you’ll be running at the show.

Invite existing customers 

Existing customers are some of your most valuable assets, so why not invite them along to the exhibition? Not only will they already be familiar with your brand, but they’ll also be more likely to recommend you to others at the expo. You could offer them discounts or VIP treatment at the event to sweeten the deal!

Interactive activities & games 

Who doesn’t love a good game? Make your exhibition stand fun and memorable by incorporating interactive activities that will align with your brand and appeal to your target market. For example, if you’re launching a new skincare range, you could set up a ‘try before you buy’ station where visitors can test out the products for themselves. 

Create a chill out space 

Sometimes, all people want to do is escape the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall. So, provide guests with a relaxing place where they can recharge their batteries. Offer comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, refreshing drinks, and maybe even some light entertainment like a TV or music playing in the background. You’ll be surprised at how much longer people stay – and how much more engaged they are – when they’re not rushed off their feet! 

Be visual 

Humans are visual creatures, so make sure your exhibition stand is eye-catching. Use interesting signage, images and bold graphics to grab attention from across the room. Don’t forget about branding too! Your logo and company name should be front and centre so that people remember who you are long after they’ve left the event.


Offering giveaways and freebies is an excellent way to entice people to visit your stand. This could be anything from branded pens and notebooks, to t-shirts. If you sell eco-friendly cleaning products, you could give attendees reusable shopping bags or stainless steel water bottles emblazoned with your logo. Not only will this help raise brand awareness, but also create a sense of goodwill towards your business and be perceived as environmentally responsible. 

By following these tips, you’re well on your way to ensuring that your next exhibition is a resounding success!

Need help?

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